I LOVE YOU, song written by Janneke Revenboer

My daughter, Janneke, who is 13 years old now, has started to write songs.

She played the violin for a year, and plays a bit harp, but prefered to play the piano.

She loves to sing. So she started to write songs accompanied by her piano playing.

But then our son, Thijmen, came home from school. He has a fantastic teacher, Bram Bosmans, for music.

Teacher Bosmans learned the first chords on the guitar. In school they have over 30 guitars, so every pupil could try.

I took my old guitar from the shell, but it didn’t  play well. So I bought one and Thijmen explained the chords to his sister. Janneke was eager to learn to play on the guitar and this is her first song after playing the guitar for 5 weeks or so.

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