My song for Scotland

This summer we went to Scotland.


During our journey I wrote this song:


The road was long, so long

We even had to cross the sea

But we’ve reached our destination

We’re in the land, I love to be

I see the sunshine on the hilltops

I feel the wind blowing through my hair

I smell the heather sweetly blooming

I hear the sheep they’re everywhere


Scotland is green, so green

With all the shades of green there are

And green turns blue in the distance

So many views I’ve seen so far

It can be ruggid and waves roll high

Onto the rocky shores in the west

So many isles are worth a visit

It’s painting them that I love best


Our time is short, too short

We nearly have to say goodbye

To het lochs with all their beauty

And to the ever changing sky

But I’ve printed them in my memory

And the music fills my heart

Oh how sweet can summertime be

Especially when it’s going to start


Marleen Revenboer, July 2018

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