My song for CONNEMARA

We have been on holiday again to Ireland. We have been there often since I was au pair in Dublin in 1982. But since 2001 we hadn’t been in Ireland because of our children.

My favorit part in in the West, county Galway and it is called: Connemara.

I love this serene and precious part because of it’s emptiness, ever changing skies, it’s vales full of bog, peat, cheep and stones.  I wrote a song for Connemara and named my last cd after “My song for Connemara”.

If you look at the photo’s I took this summer in Connemara, you will understand.

You will hear my song too. I play the harp, but there are more instruments like a violin.

But also Connemara is changing. A lot of houses are build since 2001. But there are as many colours as always and you see fourty shades of green when the sun comes peeping through the clouds. On the other hand, when it is misty and cloudy you can believe that Tolkien didn’t imagine fairies, imps and laprechans, but they really exist.

Marleen, august 2016


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